So as the first useful post for RSD TeachUp! Interns, as well as RSD educators who aren’t coming down with Saints-itis and/or Mardi Gras-itis, I’m posting a link to a short list (30 entries) of blogs that share educational resources. These were the nominations for “The Best Resource Sharing Edublog of 2009.” So check out the list at  Or, if you’re lazy, and only want to check out one site, check out the winner, Free Technology for Teacher.  For the winning site, some pictures may be blocked by RSD’s LightSpeed filter, but surprisingly, the words get through even though it’s a Blogger blog.

One Cool Example:

Google made a “Street View” of some ski slopes for the Winter Olympics

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Did you know:  In this post I use the suffix “-itis” to refer to a condition of unproductiveness, which has the connotation that these are diseases.  However, “-itis” means “inflammation of,” which can be caused by disease, but is not always the case.  A more accurate suffix would have been “-iasis.”  But “-itis” is more recognizable than “-iasis”, so I chose to go with the former.

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